Become a 2M Quality Inspector

2M Quality Inspectors come from a variety of real estate backgrounds including former superintendents, project managers, production managers, home inspectors, tradesmen, real estate agents, and appraisers.

Each inspector is trained by the 2M management team to provide a thorough inspection tailored to each builders custom inspection criteria.

Inspectors receive continuing education several times a year in the form of calibrations or audits conducted by 2M management or members of our Inspector Trainer team.

Calibrations and audits consist of trainers or mangers inspecting the same house as an inspector – comparing and discussing each list pointing out items missed or items that were scored that shouldn’t have been.

Additionally, trainers review sample batches of each inspectors work several times a year in order to provide feedback on reports, scoring consistency, note taking and photos.

We are often looking for additional inspectors – if interested please contact:

Sal Zagarella