Why Hire 2M

IMPROVE QUALITY: Protect Your Reputation and Increase Your Sales
As a homebuilder, your reputation will make or break your company. 2MQuality is a leader in new home quality programs, working with builders on new-home quality since 2009. We can help ensure the finished product your customer sees the day they move in is one you will both be proud of. We accomplish this by having a trained quality reviewer examine your home—inside and out—to look for the fit and finish details your customer will see every day. We give you an extra set of trained eyes to identify the items and give you the time to repair them BEFORE the customer sees them, or moves in.

Let’s face it: service calls are costly and annoying – for everyone. There are thousands of details in a new home – things will go wrong and need to be fixed. Isn’t it better for everybody if those problems are found, and repaired, BEFORE the homeowner moves in? With a 2M Quality review there will be fewer surprises after settlement for both parties. Our customers have said that their service departments have seen post-settlement service lists decrease by 75% with a 2M Quality program when repairs are fully completed before settlement.

DRIVE DOWN PRODUCTION COSTS: Reduce Repeat Subcontractor Errors and Building Material Issues
In addition to a Quality review helping the one house that is inspected, the correct use of inspection data will identify and help eliminate recurring construction problems. Production staff and subcontractors can be better trained to make sure things are done the right way the first time.  The builder and the subcontractor will both realize savings in time and money.

2M Quality is ready to step in and work with any quality program you may already have, help you develop your own system or let you “plug and play” with a web-based quality inspection and improvement system that we designed and developed ourselves. Our management staff possesses over 50 years of new-home construction and sales experience, and can work with you to provide as much or as little is needed to get the results you want.

2M Quality provides quality reviews and programs in over 24 states and D.C., our proven expansion model can get up and running in any market with minimal lead time. We can provide quality programs for national builders that may be working with a production team stretched thin with responsibility, or can help a small builder that wants to make sure their quality and their reputation stay top-notch.

Our experience will make a difference in the overall quality of the finished product for your customer and the use of our quality systems will reduce production and service costs for you. When you are ready to improve quality and reduce costs, contact 2M Quality.